Breast Cancer

     Among women in Thailand, breast cancer is the second most common cancer after cervical cancer.  A woman who lives to the age over 40, one who has no child or fewer children, and one who has a familial cancer history have the risks of getting breast cancer.

Cause of Breast Cancer

     The cause of any individual breast cancer is often unknowable although epidemiological research informs that the cause of breast cancer is caused by high cholesterol and some careers.  The location of breast cancer is often at the upper outer quadrant of the breast.

Risk Factors

        -   A woman over 40 years of age.

        -   A woman having a familial breast cancer history or one having breast cancer experience.

        -   A woman having no children or having children after 30 years of age.

        -   Gene mutations having the risk factors of breast cancer and a hereditary.

        -   A woman having a firmer and ampler breast, for example, a woman over 40 years of age with more than 75% of breast density will have more risk factors.

        -   A woman having menstruation before 10 years old and one having menopausal period after 55. 

        -   A woman having hormonal contraceptives and female hormone estradiols.

        -   A person having a career concerned with any chemicals and some heavy materials.

        -   Smoking producing an increase in the risk of breast cancer.


Early breast cancer can often present as no breast pain, but it can be examined as the followings:

        -   Having a lump at a breast (15-20% of a lump localized at a breast developing a breast cancer)

        -   Having changes in the appearance or shape and size of the breast

        -   Having changes in the skin, for example, a skin retraction, a wrinkle, a shrink, unusual thickness and some parts with a scrap. 

        -   An unusual shrink, itching and redness throughout the nipple.

        -   Bleeding or nipple discharge from the nipple (20% of bleeding can be a breast cancer.)

        -   Having breast pain (Early breast cancer has no pain except for the fact that the lump enlarges.)

        -   Swelling under the arm because of the lymph nose enlarges.



     Since early breast cancer, a patient has not any abnormal symptoms.  It is very essential that a woman should have a breast checkup from the beginning.  In the present time the treatment is developed a lot.  Early breast cancer can be cured absolutely.  The best way to prevent the breast cancer is to search for the breast cancer and examine it from the start by these methods:-

        1. The monthly breast self-examination beginning at the age 20.  If there is any problem, suddenly consult your physician.

        2. The annual breast examination beginning at the age 35 by a physician.  If you have a familial breast cancer history, you should consult a physician besides mammography.

        3. The annual mammography for a woman over 40 years of age, especially, one who has a familial breast cancer history.


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