Female genital system cancer

Female genital system cancer

     Carcinoma of the genital system is the most common cancer in female. The prominent ones are carcinoma of the cervix. Ovarian cancer and carcinoma of the corpus uterine. They are always life threatening to women.

What is cancer and causes it ?

     Cancer is an abnormal growth resulted from an uncontrolled cell division which is regulated by an altered or mutated gene. It destructively invades the surrounding tissues and spreads to other distant organs.

     Causes that may trigger a gene to transform normal cells into cancerous cells are exposure to excessive radiation , certain viruses, and toxic chemicals. Hereditary gene mutation is also responsible for cancer.

How can cancer be prevented ?

    Avoiding causative agents can prevent cancer to some extent. However, female genital tract cancer is common, therefore awareness of the diseases, careful observation for any abnormal manifestation and regular checkup may lead to early detection. Carcinoma of the cervix

     The most important risk factor for cervical cancer is human papilloma virus infection resulted from sexual intercourse. Cervical cancer most often in women who have sexual activity at an early age, have multiple and increased parity. 

     The  predominant symptoms are abnormal vaginal bleeding and abnormal vaginal discharge.

Ovarian cancer

    Ovarian cancer occurs most frequently at the age of 40-60 years. The symptoms and signs are fullness of the abdomen, constipation, anorexia and abdominal mass.

Carcinoma of the corpus uterine

     It is common in female approaching menopause or age more than45. The important symptom is abnormal vaginal bleeding especially after menopause.

     Women should have annual pelvic examination and Pap test for early detection of the abnormality before it becomes apparent or invasive. Early detection of any cancer increases the chance of cure rate.


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