Orthopedic Clinic

Our joints naturally deteriorate with age and as a result of improper use, although accidents can also play a crucial role in damaging our bones. When experiencing an orthopedic issue, correct diagnosis and timely treatment are both absolutely vital to ensure the patient makes a full recovery.

The Orthopedic team at CGH Hospital is on hand to deliver care for each and every person suffering from joint or bone injury, carefully assisting patients with kindness and patience during every stage of their recovery. Our clinic consists of experts in all related fields, including specialists in the following areas of healthcare: the nursing team, physiotherapists, nutritionists and pharmacists. Every member of this team has the knowledge and experience necessary to provide comprehensive levels of care, from the diagnostic process, to finding solutions for every type of orthopedic disorder, including joint pain, bone pain, leg pain, osteoarthritis, chronic joint inflammation, age-related osteoarthritis, and work-related joint injuries – or office syndrome as it is more commonly known.

The clinic is equipped with the latest medical technology in order to provide high standards of care with regard to the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic conditions, while we also offer pre- and post-care consultations with patients, including specific advice on surgery and rehabilitation recommendations aimed at ensuring they make a full recovery.

Medical services available

  • General orthopedic surgery
  • Spinal surgery
  • Surgery associated with bone and muscular tumors
  • Peripheral nervous system treatment
  • Treatment for bone disorders resulting from irregular bone cell function, including osteoporosis
  • Treatment for bone, tendon or muscular injuries
  • Treatment for infant orthopedic disorders
  • Endoscopic surgery and sports medicine
  • Artificial hip and knee replacement surgery
  • Hand-related surgery and micro-surgery
  • Foot-related surgery

More information:

CGH Phaholyothin
  • Location : CGH Main Building,1st floor
  • Service Hours : Daily 9.00 am - 7.00 pm
  • Tel : +662 552 8777 ext. 1112
  • Email : com@cgh.co.th
CGH Saimai
  • Location : CGH Main Building,1st floor
  • Service Hours : Daily 8.00 am - 8.00 pm
  • Tel : +662 991 8999 ext. 355 , 2213
  • Email : smh@saimai.com


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